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    13 July, 2019
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@southwestmountain Instagram Profile 22 July, 2019

Favorite scripture in the Bible is when the girl wanted a man hung like a horse

@un.ity Instagram Profile 21 July, 2019

When you see lyrics from a book or movie it’s the cool parts, not like, ‘he looked at her and said, “see you later”.’ Because like?? That’s whack. Religious people like the parts that are eloquent and pretty, because that’s human nature.

@e.demarzo Instagram Profile 20 July, 2019

Oh yes, religious people should put the entirety of the scripture of the Bible in their Instagram bios. What a fantastic idea!

@zekrazikitty Instagram Profile 20 July, 2019

Haha theres a scripture about the unbelievers decaying rapidly where they stand and feeling their own eyes rot inside their head 🙈

@kogumakori Instagram Profile 20 July, 2019

ive always wanted some basic white girls bio to be a really off putting verse about like stoning your wife or some shit