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    16 May, 2019
  • Liberty Island, Statue of Liberty
  • Up close with Lady Liberty🗽 #StatueofLibertyMuseum

    Up close with Lady Liberty🗽 #StatueofLibertyMuseum

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@lindac_58 Instagram Profile 16 August, 2019

There's nothing like seeing it up close with your own eyes😉😍

@banmahdi70 Instagram Profile 13 August, 2019

ساعديني ياسيدة أوبرا اريد السفر الى كندا ابلس ساعديني

@2018_ginger Instagram Profile 8 August, 2019

How about listen to what Monique is saying.

@olympiabaking Instagram Profile 2 August, 2019

Oh my gosh, her hair is so beautiful. The outfit is Wooooooow. Thanks for the motivation of watching you with the same energy since Oprah❤️

@mrsjpz Instagram Profile 3 July, 2019

I just love you two😭😭😭

@carolinaa_babyyy Instagram Profile 1 July, 2019

HEY BEAUTIFUL OPRAH, my goodness I’ve been watching you for years and it just seems like your getting even more beautiful than ever. I LOVE HOW U CONTINUE BEING AND INFLUENCE ON PEOPLES LIVES AND MORE..I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU ONE DAY . It would be a life long dream because your so beautiful and ur an idol to my life❤️. Love you oprah😘🗣 @oprah

@coutured62 Instagram Profile 17 June, 2019

Can you both look more beautiful?! 💕♥️

@lisabrittney13gmailcom Instagram Profile 16 June, 2019

When are you coming out to San Francisco? It would be nice if I could see you or hear you one day with my daughter.

@curvygirlconfessions Instagram Profile 16 June, 2019

Auntie O...let me know when you’re done with that blouse! 👀 I kinda love it 😍