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    7 May, 2019
  • Honey Graham, I know how much this means to you. Congratulations! #identityleadership

    Honey Graham, I know how much this means to you. Congratulations! #identityleadership

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@bestrongstory Instagram Profile 7 August, 2019

I love his “excitement” he’s like my husband. Steady always!!

@robinkeys2 Instagram Profile 6 August, 2019

This interaction is so awesome, made me smile. Yay Stedman!

@olympiabaking Instagram Profile 2 August, 2019

My son would love this book. I tell him to look it up. Is it at Barnes and noble

@reggie.9337 Instagram Profile 28 July, 2019


@robertagoodluck Instagram Profile 15 July, 2019

Linda, a Goddess, just wonderful, I adore you Oprah, you're my inspiration 👏👏👏👏👏❤😘

@kim_cartwright_pro Instagram Profile 15 July, 2019

I have my book and you guys better look out because I’m on the road to being a GREAT LEADER!

@isiahregina Instagram Profile 9 July, 2019

Mr Graham is naturally funny! Lol! Ms @oprah said, “this is you excited”; and he looked totally exhausted! Too funny from my lenses. ❤️ I love this cute couple!

@mindfuladventuresmaui Instagram Profile 29 June, 2019

I met Stedman when he came into the gallery I worked at on Maui many years ago ( it has now closed) and bought Oprah a beautiful Christmas gift...Hope you loved it Oprah 💕🌴🥂

@savannahurst Instagram Profile 26 June, 2019

You cannot lead anybody else until you lead yourself. 😯🤔 cool philosophy☺️ @rytfit

@nskirby Instagram Profile 23 June, 2019

Such a wonderful honor and privilege to work with Mr. Graham about Identity Leadership

@doctor_tammynelson Instagram Profile 20 June, 2019

Best interview ever!!!! Oprah you sound so enthused...LOL!!! Love every second of this. Relationships are hysterical. Opposite energies attract? I played this like ten times. Repost.

@farajiimuhammad Instagram Profile 19 June, 2019

Congratulations Stedman!! I look forward to getting more wisdom from you this week!